Download the mobile version of Victoria Milan:

Download the mobile version of Victoria Milan:

Likewise, this discreet infidelity service offers an option of ” advanced search » which allows the user to find compatible people on the basis of a list of criteria described in the candidate profile (the questionnaire that is answered during registration), being able to automatically reject any person not meeting the criteria of research.

according to Victoria Milan policies , it is the user who decides with whom and sets the limits during the process. Allow them to choose between an online adventure or a real sexual encounter with another user of the platform.

Thanks to the’ sending winks or private messages to Victoria Milan , the individual can communicate directly with the person he loves, always respecting the conditions of the other person.

With the use of winks, you can show your interest in the other person, they allow you to “break the ice” in a flirtatious and determined manner. On the other hand, if you prefer private messages, you can use the instant messaging feature to start the conversation conveniently. To do this, simply click on the “CI” icon of the person you are interested in to start the chat.

256-bit security protection

L’une des main functions of Victoria Milan is the SSL security with a higher level of 256 bits, for maximum protection of information and data stored on the web.

Panic button

This site is primarily based on maintaining the anonymity of its users, allowing them to post whatever they want. That is why Victoria Milan has a special option , known as ” panic button ». This allows the individual to quickly and safely close the gate, when someone approaches the computer, pretending to see what the person is doing.

Private keys

This feature was designed for users who download content privately. In this case, if you are the owner of the profile, other users should ask you for access to your content, via a private key request .

It should be noted that this private key must be requested beforehand, no user can access private content without prior authorization of the account you wish to consult.

To approve a private key request to another user, you must click on the request notification when it appears. Subsequently, you must go to the “private keys” tab located on the left side of the menu hookupdate, the platform will show you the list of pending requests and you will have to click on the blue button if you wish to authorize or on the button blank, if the request is refused.


Anonymizer, is a privacy tool available in Victoria Milan, which allows you to choose between blurring the profile image (completely hiding the user’s appearance) or adding a mask, to generate an intrigue in whoever visits the profile , as well as a sexy and sexy touch .. striking.

Victoria Milan app

It has a pretty simple and fun interface. Although it does not conform to the technological aspects of other dating sites such as Meetic, it allows each of Victoria Milan’s functions to be performed without any problems.

The real problem with this app is that some parts are not fully translated into Spanish, so users of that language may have issues while using it.

THE Victoria Milan app is available for the appliances iOS . A great advantage is that, as a Premium member, you can use the membership options from your mobile, wherever you are. In addition, thanks to the mobile’s geolocation function, you can find all the profiles near you, which is very useful if you are looking for a place which is not far away.