Dress with a Purpose, Style. Dress For The Person You Want To Attract

Dress with a Purpose, Style. Dress For The Person You Want To Attract

The more you stay indoors and don’t try new things the harder it is going to be to start and keep up with conversations.

Whatever you need to do to source material from wherever you can to keep things lively, varied, fresh and relevant. If you don’t have the money to travel, that is fine. The best stories are from human connections and experiences not necessarily tied to how far you traveled or how much you spent.

Day trips and hikes, weekend roadtrips, or traveling to remote areas work. Research lists, go to places you have never been, talk to locals (they will never see you again), ask for tips, wander aimlessly.

Instead of wearing what is comfortable or easy for you, mix it up a little. Your body is a canvas full of space for opportunity when it comes to drawing eyeballs. Wearing a t-shirt of a local brewery, travel destination, sports team, band etc. can oftentimes bridge the gap when trying to initiate conversation.

Add some flair – wear a nice scarf, get an interesting watch instead of a generic Apple Watch or sport some cool eyeglasses instead of your contacts.

Put some additional effort into your appearance – you’ll never know who you will meet and you don’t want to look sloppy or like a mess in case you do meet someone interesting by chance. Looking approachable is the first step in becoming approachable. Make sure to your hygiene practices are not self-sabotaging your efforts.

Dating Site Alternatives – Meet Through Friends And Friends Of Friends

Talk to people even if you barely know them. Meeting someone in common accelerates the validation process. Even if you are not interested in said person, they might be a good connector or have friends you are interested in meeting.

House parties are great for meeting people as they are filled with two degrees of separation and trying to figure out how people know each other is a great way to build relationships.

Online Dating Critique, Makeover For Men & Women

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Volunteer, Find People With Similar Hobbies, Passions

Volunteering at nursing homes is a great start. Many people do not have as frequent visitors as one would like. Making a difference and doing a great deed while overcoming your fear or speech can be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Check job boards, Craigslist, newspaper ads, non-profits, park and recreation websites, event calendars and more for one off or recurring opportunities to volunteer with seniors.

Volunteering with a cause you care about is another way to meet people with similar interests. Whether your passion is education, food, nature, homelessness, environment etc, find a group, venue or organization that is looking for volunteers.

If there isn’t available opportunities, start your own volunteer cause. It’s much easier to talk to others even strangers over something you both have in common.

Make sure you volunteer at a regular cadence so you can build familiarity vs. doing something one off (which can work for holiday and best hookup sites religious purposes).

Become A Regular At A Cafe, Bar, Park

It can be a bar, cafe, restaurant, park, grocery store, local venue – doesn’t matter. I get approached by people who recognize not by my work but rather just being a regular. Talking to bartenders and patrons next to me makes it easier to strike up conversations down the road.