10 Types Of Girls You’ll Meet In College

10 Types Of Girls You’ll Meet In College

1. The popular girl

In every college, there will be that girl who all the guys will love – the girl who every one else wishes they could be for a day, the one who seems to know everyone on campus. But the thing is, sometimes the girls who seem to have it all actually teen hookup apps online have the least. Are people close with her just to gain popularity, or do they genuinely appreciate their friendship? False friends are forever present in the life of the popular girl, but so are false relationships and false confidence.

2. The girl who peaked in high school

This is the girl who won best-looking, most athletic, was the valedictorian, and was basically the shit in her high school full of about 100 people. A girl like this will think that she is Queen. It’ll take trial and error for her to realize that it is not high school anymore – and that she’s equal with the rest of the student body. (This will most likely kill her inside.)

3. The “I don’t give a fuck” girl

The girl with the attitude. The girl who doesn’t care about friends, fitting in, or proving herself to anyone. A lot of times, this will be the most successful girl in college. She won’t care if everyone thinks she’s a loser for going to the library, and she also wont care if she’s being left out of plans because she doesn’t drink. She is independent and rolls with the punches.

4. The girl with the boyfriend from home.

You may not even know many girls with a boyfriend at home because they keep to themselves so much. If you go to party, she will sip a beer in the corner by herself, checking her phone every 5 minutes waiting for her boyfriend to text her – trying to stay sober enough to text him back with out typos, but drunk enough to loosen up at the party. She’s not happy and she knows it.

5. The athlete.

Athletes in college can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. There are certain athletes who are outgoing and actually very funny. Then there are athletes who think that they run the school. In some cases, they may.

6. The sorority girl.

The girl who wanted to make new friends in the beginning of the year, and is now sucked in to a uniform of the how the proper girl should act and dress. I have always been against sororities – I’ve found them to be clicky and controlling. But hey, if you want to show off your monogram letters, wear the same color as 100 other girls, and go to endless meetings on weeknights when you’d rather be napping, go for it.

7. The judgmental girl.

DO NOT GET SUCKED IN. This girl will drag in everyone around her to bring other people down. She wants to be better than everyone else so she puts everyone down around her. You may find yourself talking about people with her because she’s so damn good at it. She does it to start conversation, because the only other thing she can talk about is herself.

8. The rich girl.

The girl with the best clothes, name brand watches, and $300 sunglasses. You are going to wish you were her, but don’t forget that nobody will know the difference between name brand and knockoffs.

9. The party girl.

Everyone needs to know one. The girl that you can call at 9:00 on Tuesday night to hit the bar and she’ll never decline. This is your wing woman. She will always be the life of the party, and a fun time.

10. The girl who may just be your best friend

In college, there is at least one girl who can be your best friend. There is one girl who will have similar taste in music, sports, similar humor, etc.. One that will be loyal to you, and stay up all night when you’re upset. Once you find her, be a good friend and be loyal because this is an endangered species of people.