18 Do Guys Wait For Their Crush To Ask Them Out On A Date?

18 Do Guys Wait For Their Crush To Ask Them Out On A Date?

How many of us have had a crush on a guy and debate asking him out? We might think that if he liked us, he would totally ask us out ourselves, so we shouldn’t even bother. There must be a reason that he hasn’t asked us out, right?

We’ve all wondered if guys have a crush on girl but wait for them to ask him out on a date, and as it turns out, they do. According to this guy on Reddit, guys can be “nervous or afraid” or unsure how the girl actually feels.

“Of course they do. Sometimes they’re nervous or afraid. Other times they feel like they’re getting mixed signals and are waiting for her to either give them really clear signals (to clear up the previously mixed signal confusion) or for her to make a move.”

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We can relate to this for sure since if we’re debating doing the asking, we might weigh whether or not we think that the guy has a crush on us. If we don’t think that he returns our romantic feelings, we might wait or never end up asking him. It turns out that we think a lot like guys do sometimes. Who knew?!

17 What Makes Guys Commit To Someone And Know That She’s Worth Dating?

We know that not every guy is cool with commitment, so this is the next question on our minds. We’ve definitely each been in the situation where we really liked a guy and wanted to commit to him, but he told us he was busy with work or not ready for a relationship or just didn’t think that we were a good match. Even if he gave us a so-called reason, we never knew if it was a lie, an excuse, or just not the whole truth.

“Wait at least a year. You need to let the initial infatuation period wear off. See how she is in all seasons. Ask the serious questions. How do you handle money? Do you want kids? The most important thing to figure out is if you’re on the same general life path. “

“. If you want the same things in the same way and you’re certain that’s not going to change, THEN escalate the relationship.”

This guy on Reddit believes that, at least for him, dating a girl for a year gives him enough time to get to know her. We might think that sounds like a long time, and for some people it would be. Mostly, this proves that when a guy gets to know us and understands where we’re coming from and we agree on major lifestyle things, that’s when we’ll get serious.

16 Do Guys Have A Kind Of Girl They’re More Interested In?

We each have a type of guy that we would want to date. Some of us are into nerds, others like handsome jock types, and others want a passionate artist or someone with an amazing work ethic. It’s subjective and personal. We’ve definitely wondered which type of girls guys are more interested in. There must be some personality traits that most guys can agree on, right?

“smart, passionate about something, minimum of social intelligence, confident, nerdy enough to not get totally lost when I start rambling about my worldbuilding projects, fun, energetic and compassionate.”

For this guy who posted on Reddit, this is the kind of girl that he would love to date, and he’s given us so many helpful things to think about. He has come up with such a great list of traits, we can probably agree that if we met a guy who was like this, we would be all in. So if we sound like the girl that he’s describing — intelligent, enthusiastic, sweet, fun, a bit dorky — then it’s only a matter of time before we say goodbye to being single. After all, no one wants to be with someone who isn’t up for a good time or who isn’t passionate about life and their career.