Legal Age Translation in Bisaya

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Some irrelevant human translations have been hidden. View irrelevant results. Page 3 PAHAMATNGON. Two main sources were used in the preparation of this dictionary. First, a short translation of the “Diccionario Bisaya-Espafiol, compuesto por R. P. Fr. Juan Felis de la Incarnacion” (Manila, 1866) was made. Second, and most importantly, the book was constructed by converting the “English-Visayan Dictionary by Bishop Jose Ma” into the Visayan-English Order. Cuenco, Ph.D.” (Cebu, 1920).

These two sources and their venerable authors must be duly acknowledged. Other words have been added, from reading and conversation. The name of the compiler has been included in the book so that those who study it know who to blame. It is hoped that missionaries in Mindanao will find in this book a useful basis for preparing a satisfactory second edition. For those beginning their studies; Visayan, these few notes are inserted. The spelling of Visayan is not yet uniform. There are variations in the letters of a word, even in the same book or magazine. When building a small dictionary, this freedom cannot be followed. The difficulty lies mainly in the questionable use of the letters O and U. The rule we must keep in mind in this book was to use the letter u and not 0, at least when it affects the position of the word in alphabetical order. Some inconsistencies need to be eliminated before the second edition.

In the last syllables, 0 seems to better represent the sound heard. Sometimes the letter I is used in the spelling of a word, and at other times E will take the place of I. Here I page 42 42 VISAYAN – GERMAN hingigo gikaigoan igo-igo v igos igpapanimah igpipilit igpuputi igsisimhot igsuon (lalah igsuon (babi igtatan-aw ihalas ihap v ihaw ihawanan ihi pagpangih ihibalo ika. (Verl ika (tuig, bi ikadapat ikaduha. in the afternoon, 3 p.m. buy ` i *it mast ` e i q i extinguish ^ Peel breakfast; V: break^fst i i.