Such minarets could be recreated from inside the Andalusia, toward Grand Mosque of Cordoba

Such minarets could be recreated from inside the Andalusia, toward Grand Mosque of Cordoba

The form and you will structure of MAGHREB MINARETS was indeed motivated initial in the square-contour north tower of the Grand Mosque out-of Damascus (start of VIIIth 100 years).

This type, coming from the eastern are affirmed from the minaret from Kairouan (earliest half of the newest Village millennium), surmounted with several systems and an excellent ribbed lantern and you may thought since next as west prototype away from minarets in the North Africa

The new minaret from Hassan II Mosque out-of Casablanca recalls by many people aspects this new height one is located at two hundred m, hence makes of it yet another ask yourself. It is positively remigration, the latest square shape whoever ratio was of 1 to 8 ranging from the basements and convention. Nevertheless is actually fleeing on the unlimited and to your membership of its neatness that’s alone a way to pay tribute so you can latest society.

The fresh created design since the facades bear in mind, from the constitution of its interlaces, brand new Merinid victory and also by its chrome, which have eco-friendly as common color, the fresh new Alaouite minarets.

Ergo, it is unquestionable the originality is dependent on their outstanding push towards the brand new air within its marble finery and the combination of varied factors.

Let us find now exactly how this type of high ornamental establishes you to spur life in the information because ranged while the zellij marble, plaster, wood or brass provides conveyed by themselves in the so majestic and imposing a space as the that this new Hassan II Mosque.

One must be concerned this type of strange size the spot where the ornamentation was required to use, for the high and you may larger size at the same time wrong and you can well-balanced dimensions patterns which had for years and years become familiar with entertain a smaller room.

The latest “m’aallmi,” who had been conscious associated with the, told united states that they had to talk about 300 m backward, perched into the an adequately higher strengthening to look at, calculate, asses and you may lso are-determine for several days exactly how its designs, although too-much expanded, do continue their shape and consequently its raison d’etre.

Brand new minaret, that’s eight moments more than their width toward the base (a beneficial twenty-five-meter rectangular foot) and that’s two-hundred-meter-higher, is the unquestionable proof of their achievements.

The latest prientation compared to the fresh new rectangular frieze of best regarding the initial tower, reflects at a distance regarding the several shades of the zellij, the latest green, and you can light whose a symbol is expounded here below.

An element of the construction is a huge star with 16 tips (settachiya) that will leave space on the completing areas in order to a circulating away from other rounded activities. The beautiful shaped frieze that is accessible to the latest audience keeps in the middle of each side an entire star and you can 1 / 2 of a superstar at each and every direction of your tower.

So it exact same zellij, whose raw point is a glass paste more against the corrosion of your own levels is actually constant when it comes to foils regarding archways topping the latest variety of window of the tower which will be also included in the new diamond-shaped frieze on top of lantern.

The top invention is based on using Stitches out-of Roudani travertine towards a hundred,100 M2 body so it attractive material have changed here the newest bricks included in the development of Civilian minaret and also the latest cut stone of the minaret of your own Hassan Mosque in Rabat

Marble masons have been therefore allowed to get payback in the ond-molded community that on the 12th 100 years made the fresh new Hassan Tower from Rabat surge up.

Right here again, this new light (the latest mat marble stone) while the green (new zellij) harmoniously blend to attract on the breadth of the interlocking, flower-designed trinkets. It symmetrically run in diamond-shaped set, to the brand new level of one’s five facades of your tower as well as the lantern. The complete place bestows to your minaret a rare elegance.