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In most content management systems (CMS), clicking on an image in the body of a blog post creates an image or rich text optimization module where you can create and edit the image`s alt text. Here are three ways alt tags can benefit your business! If the image itself contains important text, you should also include it in the alt text. In this way, it is not missed The line of the above alt text is almost as descriptive and specific as the good alt text of the previous example, so why isn`t that enough for a website about educational software? This example delves even deeper into the topic of business school and indicates that the ideal target group for this website are teachers. Therefore, the alternative text of the image should reflect this. This is because the text in the image is much more important than the background, which is mainly decorative. With a caption that describes it beautifully, no alt text is a good alt text for that image. Since this is alt text and not right in front of people`s eyes, you may not think it`s important to maintain a level of punctuation. This is an error because the punctuation appears in the alt text, so you should write it like any other part of your email. If text is included in an image, be sure to transcribe it as part of your description. Unless it means repeating yourself.

If you need to say the same, add it in the text of the page. Keep the alt text short. And remember – don`t make assumptions. Whether or not you`re doing SEO for your business, optimizing the alt text of your website image is your ticket to creating a better user experience for your visitors, no matter how they found you for the first time. Good alternative text: A woman walks on a path next to her grandson on a bike It`s really not useful – what does “sign” mean? Is it an instruction to add a signature? Sign language? A zodiac sign? Not having alt text would be better than that. The alt text line above would normally pass for decent alt text, but given that our goal is to publish this image with an article about attending business school, we`re missing out on some keyword pickers that could help Google link the image to specific sections of the article. Good Alt Text: Three Architects Review Plans in Their Office Alt Text is HTML code used to describe an image for visually impaired users who rely on screen readers. The last big advantage of alt attributes is that they can improve accessibility on your website. Image accessibility is something that many companies don`t implement, and it can go a long way in improving the overall effectiveness of your marketing. Many visually impaired users use screen readers to interact with a web page. Alt text not only provides a better user experience for disabled users, but also a better user experience for all users. For example, suppose a visitor has a low-bandwidth connection so that the images on your webpage don`t load.

Instead of just seeing a broken link icon, they also see the alt text. In this way, they can understand what the image should convey. Best Alt Text: Moz Keyword Explorer Tool for SEO Keyword Research Don`t use images as text. This is less of a text-specific best practice and more of a general SEO-friendly web development principle. Since search engines can`t read the text of your images, you should avoid using images instead of words. If you need to, explain what your photo says in your alt text. It`s a nifty little tool for improving accessibility (and searchability) that still doesn`t seem to be as widely used in the industry. Next time you want to tweet a visual – don`t forget the alt text! 🤓 Because this image has optimized alt text, it appears in image search results for the long-tail keyword “How to remove duplicates in Excel.” Since the article also appears in web search results for the same keyword, visitors could end up on the blog post through these two different channels. When writing alt text, you just want to describe its image as accurately and concisely as possible in a sentence or two. If you have the space, you can also add context to the image, such as why it`s included in the email.

Alt text is written text that appears instead of an image on a web page. This happens when an image cannot be loaded or when someone uses on-screen reading tools. You do not want to copy the legend under any circumstances. The alt text should include the caption information and more. Now that you know the meaning of alt tags, let`s talk about writing them. There is a good and bad way to write alt tags. You should aim to provide just enough information to help users view the image without actually seeing it. For example, a user can see the image on the left.

If this is not possible due to a disability, bandwidth issue, or other reason, they will hear or see the alt text on the right. This will help provide a better user experience than if there were no alt text. The image is now wrapped in descriptive text, which means Google can see what it`s all about and include it in your ranking. In fact, the alt text above makes it difficult for Google to understand how the image relates to the rest of the web page or article it was published on, and prevents the image from ranking for related long-tail keywords that have a higher interest in them. Starting in 2018, the HubSpot blog team implemented a new SEO strategy, some of which focused more on optimizing image alt text.