How to Get Legally Married in Mexico

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4. If one of the parties has already been married, he or she must either provide a certified copy of the divorce decree or: a certified copy of a duly translated and legalized death certificate as described above. In Sonora, only civil marriage is recognized as legal. People who want to get married in Mexico can also have a religious ceremony, but this religious ceremony has no legal implications. Persons who have already been married must prove the dissolution of that marriage in the form of a divorce decree or death certificate. If the divorce or death took place outside Mexico, it must be certified and translated according to the information provided for in the second paragraph. Divorced persons may not marry in Mexico until one year after the divorce ends. Sarah, we are a widow and widower who want to get married by a Catholic ceremony only in the Catholic Church in Pourt Adventura, without a civil license and a small reception in Paa Mul. If possible, U.S.

citizens or other foreigners who wish to marry a Mexican citizen in Mexico, certain documents must be submitted to the competent Mexican government authority. All U.S. documents, with the exception of a valid U.S. passport, must bear the apostille of the Secretary of State from which they originated and be translated by an official Mexican translator. 6. Two qualified witnesses (over 18 years of age) who must be present at the ceremony. Most tourists legally marry at home and come to sunny Mexico to celebrate the event with a symbolic ceremony. With its beautiful beaches and picturesque landscapes, it`s no wonder Mexico surpasses the ideal destinations to get married.

Still, you may have questions about what it takes to get married in this picturesque country. Here`s what you need to know: My fiancé is British and I`m American and we want to get married legally in Mexico. It`s more of a runaway because none of us want to have a marriage and we don`t have the necessary witnesses. Is it possible to call witnesses and present ourselves? We also try to keep wedding expenses low to have more fun while we are there. If you want to get married legally in Mexico, you and your fiancé should expect to gather and provide the following (fear not, our wedding specialist will be there to help): My boyfriend is looking for a symbolic ceremony as they will be getting married here in Canada, but a reception in Mexico for a 10-15 party Is this possible and what would it cost? Thank you If you want to get married in Mexico but want someone else to travel all the way so you can gather the necessary legal forms and paperwork, schedule your X-rays and blood tests with local clinics, and make arrangements with local hotels, churches, and other locations for your wedding, You can hire a wedding planner, to do it for you. You can find wedding planners by location by doing a Google search, e.g. Wedding Planner Mexico [replace the word “Mexico” with the location you want to get married in once you`re on Google] Additional Notes: Sonora no longer needs a tourist permit. Divorced persons can only marry in Mexico one year after receiving the divorce decree. Persons under the age of 18 may not marry without the consent of their parents.

Copies of marriage certificates are available at the registry office where the ceremony took place. You may think that getting married legally in Mexico is very complicated and not worth the extra effort? Despite Mexico`s popularity as a wedding destination, the wedding process has some quirks. Foreigners might find the marriage proposal confusing and bureaucratic. There are also many requirements that may differ from your home country. The Mexican government`s official processes don`t always change quickly, and your best bet is to be knowledgeable about what you need to get married. If you can combine this knowledge with a little patience, even better. Persons under the age of 18 may not marry without the consent of their parents or guardian. Under no circumstances may men under the age of sixteen or women under the age of fourteen be married in Mexico. If you are ready to face the marriage process and your heart is focused on marriage for life in Mexico, these connections can help you in the process: the office that grants this authorization must be the same office that has jurisdiction over the territory where the marriage is to take place; specifically. You can`t get permission from a state, like Mexico City, and then, say, go to Acapulco (in the state of Guerrero) to get married.

Religious weddings and other symbolic blessing ceremonies are common, but they are not legally recognized without having a civil component (which requires some extra cost and a little extra planning, more on that later). So, what are the requirements you need to meet to get married legally in Mexico? You should check with the local authorities in the state where you want to remarry if you haven`t divorced in at least a year. Alternatively, you can use the services of a wedding planner who will check this as part of their service for you. Foreigners who wish to marry in Mexico must present the following documents to the civil registrar of the city where the marriage is to take place. You do not need to be a resident of Mexico to get married. Two foreigners can get married in the country with a passport, a tourist visa, and minimal paperwork. 1. The links below will help you better understand what is required of you in your home country to get married LEGALLY in Mexico. Hello, I`m Canadian and he`s American and we want to get married legally in Mexico. We want a civil and spiritual ceremony in a beautiful destination – we will only have our 4 witnesses, maybe a dinner for the 6 of us. A few candles and a photographer maybe. * The price varies depending on the state and the exact place where you are getting married.

Marriage licenses at Mexico`s most popular resorts typically cost more (sometimes a lot more) than lesser-known resorts/locations. Check with local state authorities for details or ask your wedding planner. As soon as the civil marriage is over, you will need a certified copy of the marriage certificate (Acta de Matrimonio). This will prove that you have been legally married according to Mexican law, and the marriage will be recognized almost everywhere in the world where it may be, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom/European Union, Australia, etc. The couple getting married must provide the following documents and requirements. If you want to get married in Mexico, nothing legal or technical will stop you from doing so. But you will have to plan ahead and gather a few documents, fill out a few forms and pay a few fees. This guide will guide you through the maze. So, if you care about getting married legally IN Mexico, read on. I have a symbolic ceremony at the Barcelo Maya Palace in May! Do we have to prove that we are legally married in the United States? The state of Hawaii where we live takes a few weeks to provide our “certified” copy, and I`m afraid it won`t arrive in the mail in time for our departure for Mexico! We can get a temporary copy.