Is a Shockwave with a Brace Legal

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The ATF letter states in the last paragraph that this letter applies ONLY to shockwave 2.0. It also says in line 4 that the removal of the belt is done if it is not valid as an orthodontic appliance. They never presented the ARF with a bracelet with example. It is also NEVER said anywhere in this letter that it can be worn Direct link to the letter: Yes, the letter is linked in the product description. Product: There is a letter for both linked blades in the product description for each product on our website. The detail of the band is if an orthosis was designed and made with a bracelet – you can not remove it. Ours are not made with a bracelet, so this part is irrelevant. There is a generic letter that refers to braces in general. They did not submit letters to all manufacturers.

UPDATE: Clarifications. The bracelet is legal as an armrest. Not legal to be used as a warehouse. The areas of Dude Florida are strange when it comes to braces. Some won`t say and others will say, “You have to shoot this through the rifle section and shoot him sitting.” Even though I have my p80 in a tactical folding stand. I haven`t released my Shockwave Raptor yet, but I could only imagine what one of them will say when I do 🙄. Does attaching a sports strap or grip strap to any part of the orthosis count as a modification or change of the orthosis? The blade has been approved as designed without straps. We do not recommend changing the blade or adding straps. Slots are only for a noose. The letter refers (usually) to the time when the braces have a strap that it cannot remove. Ours doesn`t have a belt to begin with. This is a matter of interpretation of the ATF, the big “catch” of what I saw is that pistol struts were approved with AR and AK “guns”, not shockwaves and the like, which is stupid because a gun holder is supposed to stabilize everything with one hand.

They still seem to sell a lot and use a lot, but it`s a bit of a gray area of interpretation, like everything else with braces. That`s it, I love my Shockwave Brace and it`s the best gun accessory. The officer I spoke to told me that he needed to post another letter or statement — perhaps on his website — with more specific information. It seemed that the number of calls they received today was ridiculous. Before I bought a Shockwave, I had a rubber bumper cap on my gun pad. Like a big cane cap. It was nice to keep it from falling into my safe. Since modifying a blade makes it illegal, would Shockwave consider a new model with a molded bumper cap? Or do you think the ATF might see this as a kind of recoil cushion? I have an HK 416 .22 pistol and I want to attach the Shockwave 2.0 blade and buffer tube to it. As long as I am under the 13.5″ measurement of the face, if the trigger at the end of the blade, I am legally able to shoulder it? We do not recommend changing the pins in any way.

I am just wondering if the ATF has changed its definition of “pins” again. I have a blade stabilizer that I attached to a Ruger charger using the copper adapter. I want to make sure I follow the ATF rules, which are quite verbose and difficult to understand. It would be nice to have a real letter to prove to local law enforcement that everything is fine. I know it`s case-by-case, as it seems to be the case with law enforcement, but it`s nice to have it for peace of mind. I just bought a 10.5-inch barrelled AR15 pistol with a shockwave blade and wanted to make sure it`s legal to shoulder the accessory can`t really find the right answer. If so, a formal link to the letter can be provided so I can print it. I have one of the older versions of the blade that came with three belt slots but didn`t have straps installed. Can I use some or all three of these slits and attach straps to stabilize the splint on my forearm? Can I use one or all three of these slots to attach a traditional or single-point sling? I want to make sure that the BATF letter mentions some straps that may have been attached to a previously submitted drawing. Thank you for being patient and answering all these questions for us.

I recently purchased a 10.5 inch AR15 pistol with shockwave gun holder and would like to know if I can wear the shockwave blade gun holder in 2019. If so, a formal letter link can be provided for printing. Thanks, Chris.M You only need an AR adapter to attach the buffer tube and blade. And yes, you can wear a blade orthosis. Recently, Tech Branch told me that ATF is working on an industry FAQ that will answer all questions. It is described as covering all pistol stabilizing legs on the market, including the Shockwave blade. I imagine it will be easily printable from Well, another company is trying to capitalize on Sig`s success. Shockwave Technologies has made its version of an AR gun stabilization mount.

However, when filing with the ATF, the ATF decided that the shoulder would convert the firearm into an SBR. It can only be used as an armrest, not as an improvised tree. I just spoke on the phone with a very nice gentleman from the technical branch of the ATF – who took these calls today. (He was naturally very knowledgeable about the subject – and very nice about it, even though he talked on the phone all day and repeated himself ad nauseam.) I identified myself and specifically asked him if the letter that was making the rounds was limited to a company`s products – or if it applied to all firearm stabilizing braces. He said, “The letter covers all firearm stabilizing braces, including the Shockwave blade.” That`s all. I do not see anywhere in the ATF newspapers about the shockwave shotgun. Am I missing something? Here`s a picture of an AR gun with the Shockwave Brace installed. So as long as the LOP is less than 13.5 inches and you don`t attach the blade permanently, is it legal to shoulder? As I understand it, the only pistol struts ever approved by the ATF were the MPX PSB and the discontinued SB-15. SB Tactical had falsely advertised that all other pistol struts were legal. As far as I know, I don`t think you can put any of the above braces on shockwaves without tape, so no, I don`t think there`s a “legal” way to put braces on a shockwave. Is the blade legal without the belt, the one I bought at a gun fair didn`t have the belt in the package? I just bought the shockwave holder for my gun and I was wondering if the ATF actually published the letter? I have read all the above posts and there is no mention of links or download options. It would be nice to keep a copy in my case in case I come across a LEO who knows nothing about the ATF clarification.

Thank you, Scott So there you have it. Anything you read otherwise on a web forum, social media site, or industry blog is simple misinformation from people who aren`t completely honest. It`s almost too good to believe. Thank you for your efforts to clarify the condition of the blade so quickly. I have the button tube and a LAW tactical adapter. Luckily, the dimple I accidentally put the screw in measures a 13.25 inch LOP Thanks again for the excellent follow-up. Thank you for keeping us informed and waiting patiently for letters. thx again Does this only apply to version 2.0 and not to previous models? I understand that I can`t add straps to the Shockwave blade, but can I attach a sling to existing slots? Our blade gun stabilizer is ATF approved. The letter can be found in the product description on the product page. From the back of the blade to the front of the trigger. Each type of cap at the end changes the design and approval of firearm use.

It is not recommended to make changes to the blade. Got it. Do not make any changes to the blade. And assuming 🙂 it, it`s great! Thanks for following this! I`m glad I got a blade! Can a pad be inserted into the buffer hole that also has a thin protective band around the back of the blade, and is it still considered a gun and not an SBR? TIA welcomes this encouraging news!!! Thank you very much!. I look forward to this printable letter from BATFE. Hi Brian, yes. That`s why they`re here, thank you 🙂, Team Shockwave. Steadicam Firearms Operator Night and Thermal Vision Aficionado Flashlight/Laser Enthusiast USPSA Competitor There is a generic letter that you can find online.