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At UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law, we believe that dedicated individuals deserve the opportunity to achieve their dreams. To this end, the Faculty of Law launched the Advancing Legal Education Project (LEAP) to identify and admit individuals from historically underrepresented groups in law schools and the legal profession who possess the teamwork, leadership, drive and academic skills to complete law school and pass the bar exam. Read briefs from lawyers, judges and people involved in important legal cases, discuss the role of law in society, and study legal decisions and their impact on society. Observe cases going on in court and listen to judges and lawyers with different areas of expertise. Take a logic course to prepare for logical questions about LSAT. LEAP is managed by the Department of Political Science. For more information, please contact Andrew Cavara, Vice-Dean of Admissions, at 516-463-6700 or hofstra.edu-516-463-6700 or Rosanna Perotti, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science, at 516-463-5619 or rosanna.perotti[at]hofstra.edu. Students accepted into the Grand Valley School of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Legal Studies and Michigan State College of Law`s (MSU COL) 3+3 program called LEAP complete at least 91 credits, which include the undergraduate courses required during their first three years of study at Grand Valley.

This includes all requirements at the university level as well as requirements for the law major. Upon admission to law school, law students supplement their electives with law courses. Up to 29 MSU COL work credits in which the student has obtained a 2.0 or higher will be accepted. The BS or BA is awarded after satisfactory completion of the number of credits and requirements for the bachelor`s program. Work with local legal advisory groups and take a research and writing course to help you present yourself to law school selection committees. The logic course meets the QB completion requirement. LEAP is not just a performance-based admissions program. LEAP students act as a collaborative team throughout their law school. Learn together and support each other by mentoring the LEAPers who follow them along the way.

Pre-Law Professional Writing – LEAP 3701-001 (CW) For more information or to register, please email Courtney Igbo-Ogbonna at cigbo-ogbonna@umn.edu or call (612) 625-1823. Adapting to changes in a law firm can be time-consuming. LEAP University is here to make your technology upgrade as smooth as possible. LEAP participants participate in a six-week immersive summer program at UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law. Participants are assigned an academic advisor, participate in collaborative exercises, and take a non-credit course that requires significant work in and out of the classroom. Classes and activities are mandatory throughout the day from Monday to Friday. LEAP is a full-time commitment and work during the program is prohibited. You will receive an advanced learning and writing credit for community engagement. Learn how to create a trust, receive payments, trust debt transfers, held trust funds, etc. Hofstra`s Accelerated Legal Education Program (LEAP) is looking for candidates of very high academic caliber, typically among students who have combined SAT scores of 1290 or better in evidence-based reading and writing + math (or an ACT score of 27), is expected and an overall average of 3.5 (or in the top 15 percent of their high school graduation class).

Learn how to bill time, fees, expenses, and create invoices on questions. Find out how the LEAP web portal can help you provide better online customer service while working anywhere, anytime. To maintain eligibility to enroll in law school at the end of the junior year, students admitted to LEAP must: If you haven`t made the switch yet, request a LEAP demo now Anyone with a LEAP connection will have immediate access to our free, on-demand training. Watch these video tutorials to learn how to make the most of LEAP`s latest innovations. LEAP University is an easy and cost-effective way to train new employees on your company`s technology. Many other products have long, difficult and expensive training processes. LEAP University is a unique platform to help you run your business. LEAP is a very competitive approval process.

The committee usually accepts only 10 to 15 students into the program. You cannot participate in LEAP if you have participated in the program or have attended law school in the past. When hiring, top law firms look for candidates with a strong background in the liberal arts. That`s because a humanities education emphasizes critical thinking and reading skills, as well as strong writing skills. LEAP University is a series of self-guided online training courses. Engaging training videos walk you through the main features of LEAP with step-by-step instructions on how to track your time instantly and get paid faster. Getting rid of your local and hosted desktop servers has never been easier. LEAP is a rigorous program and success is not guaranteed. Upon successful completion of the LEAP program, admission to the full-time program is not guaranteed. The recommendations and decisions of the committees are final and without appeal.

LEAP is open only to first-year students in Grand Valley. Students may apply for admission to the program at any time prior to their final year. A joint committee of faculty from both institutions will admit students to the LEAP program based on undergraduate records, ACT or SAT scores, and other information deemed relevant. To be considered for final admission to the MSU COL, students enrolled in the 3+3 program must have achieved a Grand Valley GPA that is not less than the median of students admitted to MSU COL in the previous year, achieving an LSAT score of at least the median of students admitted to MSU COL in the previous year (if taken multiple times, , highest of multiple scores is used) and meet all other current USM Certificate of Guarantee eligibility requirements. The vast majority of LEAP alumni who have successfully admitted to law school have achieved good results, and some better than many of their non-LEAP peers. The success of LEAP participants as law students is the result of their close collaboration with a faculty advisor, regular meetings with other LEAP participants as a group, and meeting with other program expectations. LEAP is not just an admissions program; It accompanies students throughout their legal careers and lays the foundations for their professional future. As a Pre-Law LEAP participant, you will take courses with students who have similar career and educational goals and backgrounds.

You will be able to establish a close relationship with your professor and a peer advisor who will help you take advantage of the activities and programs of the U.S. Reasoning and rational decision – LEAP 1250 / PHIL 1250 Autumn semesterPre-legal learning – LEAP 3700-001 (CEL) Learn more about implementing e-invoicing for your business in LEAP.